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The Auction Process begins when you contact Florabama Auction Services to set up an appointment to have our representative preview your property, discuss the realistic value of your property based upon previous sales in your area and review a variety of marketing/promotion options that will attract the largest number of buyers to the property.

  At your request, a representative of Florabama Auction Services will confidentially discuss the possible sale of your property. We represent a diversity of real property:

·   Residential Single Family

·   Multiple Family

·   Commercial/Mixed Use

·   Office Buildings

·   Resorts, Etc.

·   Industrial

·   Estates

  Since each property and situation is different, our primary goal is to determine if the sale of your property is best accomplished through auction. We believe that before our staff prepares a marketing proposal, certain criteria must be met.

  After meeting with you to discuss your goals, and the features of the property, both positive and negative, a decision will be made to proceed with the auction - or to use a traditional real estate listing. When the auction process is chosen we will then prepare, at no cost or obligation to you, a complete marketing strategy for the successful sale of your property.  Our comprehensive auction process includes, but is not limited to the following:

·   On Site Evaluation

·   Comparative Market Analysis

·   Establishing Auction Date and Time

·   Development of Specialized Marketing and Promotional Program

·   Presentation of Auction Proposal (including all costs)

·   Signing of Auction Contract and Listing Contract

·   Scheduling of Professional Photography

·   Creation of Promotional/Marketing Items

·   Marketing Property Begins

·   Conduct Property Preview Period ("Open House")

·   Commence Auction

·   Contract and Other Administrative Initiatives

·   Closing

  Follow this link to learn more about the benefits of real estate auctions.

  The auction process ends after the sale and the closing takes place. The documents that are typically provided by a seller, etc. are all the same as a traditional sales transaction. The auction process finds the buyer and sets the price for the property.



   Florabama Auction Services
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