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Auction marketing is unlike any other type of selling method. At auction, the highest prices are realized, and the costs are typically the least to find those buyers.

The competitive nature of an auction results in you getting all you can for your item in an efficient and cost-effective time-frame. Our marketing services.

Whether or not you have only a few items, or an entire household, we can be of assistance. We can hold your auction on-site, or at off-site facility.


Charity/Benefit Auctions:
Over the years, we have made time to support many clubs, organizations and groups wishing to raise money for charity or other good causes. These efforts have raised money far above the amount anticipated. Our enthusiasm, sense of humor and fund-raising abilities makes this avenue the right choice for supporting worthy causes.

A benefit auction is a powerful and fun way for organizations to raise money, and a method attendees enjoy.



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