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An alternative way of selling property...
"Florabama Auction Services"

Can We Sell Yours?

The Auction Sales Method is fast becoming the accepted method to sell not just distressed properties, but all types of properties where the Seller wants to limit their holding period, risk and expense. The auction method of marketing accelerates the sale of your property in both a buyer's and seller's market by generating additional consumer interest and activity. Non-contingent contracts and thirty-day settlements are normally required of all buyers of auctioned properties. This means a quick transaction for you.

The real estate auction process is well established, much like auctions for fine art, antiques and collectibles, and it is growing in popularity, because it works!
A recent article in the Wall Street Journal states, " ... going to the gavel is becoming a popular option for even thriving businesses and wealthy landowners who want to get rid of property quickly. Among those increasingly turning to the auction block are burgeoning retailers who need to sell one store to make way for a new one nearby, consolidating banks with overlapping branches, and owners of valuable parcels looking to avoid taxes during protracted sales negotiations."

Florabama Auction Services offers its services in both Florida and Alabama and strives to create the most effective sales programs that showcase properties. These programs attract the largest number of potential buyers to purchase a property.

When a traditional real estate sales listing may not be a successful choice, an
Florabama Auction Services auction becomes the Seller's workout solution that markets and sells a property in as little as 30 days. Sale of real estate through traditional methods cannot match this schedule. See benefits

Our auction consultants make their mark as skilled professionals. Together as a team they utilize innovative sales techniques. Our auctioneer is a Licensed Florida and Alabama Realtor.
Florabama Auction Services works in conjunction with other real estate professionals to develop a realistic understanding of the value of a property, the target market, the most effective form of advertising, the potential funding sources for interested buyers and any other special techniques that will be the most effective to bring qualified buyers and sellers together on a given date to complete the sales process.

After reviewing our website and the services that we offer call us for a confidential appointment at
(850) 995-7173 or (800) 329-2577.



   Florabama Auction Services
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