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The real estate you listed by the traditional method 6 to 9 months ago for has not sold. Your commitment to the sale, investment of time, effort and advertising dollars has not produced the results you had hoped to realize.  
YOUR EXPIRED LISTING may be an excellent opportunity for an AUCTION LISTING!

Florabama Auction Services welcomes and co-operates with all appropriately / valid licensed Brokers/Agents. There is an opportunity to earn a commission based on varied levels of participation in the auction. Turn a negative experience into a positive one and provide your seller with an alternate marketing plan that produces results instead of just lowering the list price and not changing any of the marketing efforts to produce a sale.


·  Offers clients and customers new selling and purchasing options.

·  Increases revenue and market value.

·  Develops your own market niche.

·  Assurance that the property will be sold at true market value.

·  Property is sold within a relatively short period of time.

·  Exposes the property to many potential purchasers.

·  Exposes potential buyers to all of your listings - not just the auction listing.

·  Commissions are normally equal to that of traditional sales.

·  Enhances your professional image.

·  Generates a list of ready, qualified buyers.

·  Successful auctions result in referrals and return business.

·  Never lose another sale to contingencies. Auction buyers are pre-qualified and the high bidder’s deposit is non-refundable.

·  Realtors will also have the opportunity to pre-register a buyer to bring to the auction event and be compensated at closing.

·  Commission splits are normally comparable or higher than traditional sales.

·  You will have no responsibility to show the property, to take offers, negotiate, or for the cost of advertising, but still receive a commission.

·  Real estate auctions experience a higher closing rate than traditional sales methods.

·  Auctions are simply NOW events, NOT fire sales or distress sales, and generate excitement and interest in the property. There are many types of auctions, from “Absolute” to “Subject to Confirmation.”  We can fit the best type of auction to suit your seller’s property. There is nothing like an auction event to bring exposure to the property, and instill buyers with a sense of urgency to act.


Real Estate Brokers can earn a commission two ways by cooperating with us:

Refer a Seller:  Have a listing that has not sold or been on the market for a lengthy period of time? Working with a seller that wants to sell immediately?  In danger of losing your listing? Refer your client to us and earn a fee at closing!


Represent the High Bidder:  It's simple. Bring your client to the property preview, complete the broker registration form, and attend the auction with your client. Earn a fee at closing if your client is the high bidder!

Contact us to discuss a future working relationship or to obtain references of brokers that have successfully partnered with us in the past.  Call (850) 626-7173 or (850) 995-7173 or contact us via email.


   Florabama Auction Services
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