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Impact, Advertising & Marketing:
  Once a property is listed for auction, we immediately develop a strategic marketing plan. All promotional efforts are aimed at a single auction date, focusing strong buyer attention on auction day. We launch a print advertising, and direct mail campaign. Our in-house advertising department tends to the details of copy writing, photography and public relations -all with an emphasis on the auction process. Active prospects are identified, open houses are scheduled and inspection appointments are made.

Multiple Listing Participation:
  As part of our auction advertising campaign, each residential property in the Greater Gulf Coast area if actively listed for sale in addition to being marketed through the auction process will be included in the applicable Multiple Listing Service, thus exposing it immediately to thousands of area real estate agents. Additionally, we have an established list of real estate investors who will be informed that your property is scheduled for auction. Residential, commercial and investment buyers as well as real estate brokers are given high priority in the auction campaign.

Success on Auction Day:
  On auction day, buyers come prepared to BUY. Registration forms, information brochures, contracts, title work and everything necessary to conduct the sale are in place. Buyers know the amount of deposit required at the time of the sale, and financing commitments have often already been arranged. Once the bidding begins, it moves quickly to a final, successful sale.

Properties That Sell Well at Auction:
  Most properties, but certainly not all, are saleable at auction. Sound residential, commercial, and investment properties as well as desirable vacant land will do well at auction. Properties that have been on the market for a long period of time may be revitalized through the auction process. Unique and specific use properties, however, may not lend themselves readily to auction. Each property must be evaluated individually to determine whether it is best suited for auction or for sale through conventional means. Our staff will analyze your property closely to ensure success for both the buyer and seller before we list the property.

Marketing Your Property Before or After the Auction:
  Many times a buyer who wants a property will make an acceptable offer before the auction date to avoid the competitive atmosphere of an auction. It's also possible to market your property even if it doesn't sell at auction. The auction advertising campaign has already exposed your property to a large segment of the buying public. In some instances after a property fails to sell at auction, an agreement will be entered into with one of the active bidders at the sale to purchase the property.

Success for Your Auction: Call Florabama Auction Services!
  The first step in learning whether an auction is the best way to market your property is to call Florabama Auction Services at (850) 995-7173.  As an auctioneer and real estate professional, we sell property both at auction and via conventional real estate listings. Our company will give you an objective analysis of whether your property is best suited to auction or conventional sale. Our experienced staff will evaluate the property, make suggestions for improving its sale value and provide you a written proposal showing how you can best achieve your objective:



   Florabama Auction Services
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